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G & G Lawn Care and Tree Service was founded in 1993 by Roy Goebel. Roy began mowing lawns when he was very young and continued doing so until he had an entire business going. By his side has always been his wife, Lori. Together, they built the company into what it is today. Though everything began in Ballwin, Missouri, G & G is now located in Imperial and services many cities in the Greater St. Louis Area. In all of the cities G & G services, they offer a wide variety of options. They offer tree service, lawn care, fertilization, retaining walls, snow removal, emerald ash borer treatment, and all types of landscaping. G & G works hard to make each and every customer happy, no matter what they need. Roy, the owner, assesses the needs of all the customers by personally bidding each job himself.

G & G Lawn Care happily serves the following cities in the St. Louis area:
Ballwin                        63021      Chesterfield               63017    Fenton                         63026      Maryland Heights   63043/63141
Herculaneum               63048      Valley Park               63088    Barnhart                      63012      Pevely                     63070
Festus                          63028      Arnold                       63010    Kimmswick                 63053      Crestwood               63016 
Webster Groves          63119       Kirkwood                 63122     Sunset Hills                 63127     Lemay                      63125
Ladue                          63124      Afton                        63123     Creve Coeur                63141     Town and Country    63141/63131
Frontenac                    63131     Mehlville                   63125    Oakville                       63129      Rock Hill                   63119
Shrewsbury                 63119     Ellisville                    63011    Hillsboro                     63050   Crystal City                63019
Des Peres                   63131   House Springs            63051   Imperial                       63052   Manchester                 63011



Myth:  Topping a tree will reduce storm damage and the tree will be easier to maintain.

Fact: Topped trees can grow back to their original height in as little as two years.  The fast growing, extremely long and loosely attached shoots resulting from topping are more susceptible to breakage and storm damage.  This is because they are weakly connected to the internal structural system of the trees.  Ultimately, a topped tree requires more attention in the future than a properly pruned tree.  Topped trees need to be topped again and again.

One of the other most common reason given for topping trees is to reduce the size.  Homeowners often feel that their trees have become too large for their property.  People fear that tall trees may pose a hazard.  Topping, however, is not a viable method of height reduction and certainly does not reduce the hazard.  In fact, topping will make a tree more hazardous in the long run.

Many homeowners respond to limbs falling by calling a tree service and wanting an estimate on topping the tree.   Tree topping is a drastic removal, or cutting back of large branches in mature trees. Topping leaves the trunk and removes the large branches, this will leave large open wounds which can leave the tree open to disease and decay.  Topping will cause immediate injury to the tree and will result in early failure or death of the trees. Topping a tree will cause fast growing weak branches to grow and will easily break, creating a hazard to people and property. 

Topping destroys the natural form of a tree.  The cost of topping a tree in not limited to what is paid.  If the tree survives, it will require pruning again within a few years.  It will either need to be reduced again or storm damage will have to be cleaned up.  If the tree dies, it will have to be removed.


Affordable Tree Service

G & G offers a complete array of tree services to keep your property looking beautiful. 

Our tree services include:

  • Affordable tree service
  • Complete removal
  • Safe trimming and pruning
  • Deadwooding
  • Raising
  • Planting
  • Stump removal
  • Emerald Ash Borer treatment