G & G Lawn Care & Tree Service    4106 Old Missouri Imperial MO 63052


     G & G Lawn Care and Tree Service is located in Imperial, Missouri and was founded by Roy Goebel back in 1993. The company has been alive for more than 24 years now and it is still going strong. G & G does many different jobs. A few of those are: lawn care, tree removal, retaining walls, and mulching.

     The owner, Roy, had started his business when he was just 13 years old. He started out mowing lawns and he moved his way up into the real business. Roy grew up here and graduated from Lindbergh High School. He knows this area like the back of his hand. He is also a family man who has two children, Rebecca, and Roy Justin. Both of the children have been a part of the company and have helped with small jobs. Roy hopes to teach his children the business and to someday hand it down to them to keep the company alive.

     Roy and his brothers, Randy and Robert Goebel, are a huge part of this family owned business. Along with them is Roy's wife Lori who is the backbone of the company. While the boys are out working in the sun, Lori stays at the office and answers your phone calls and does all the paperwork, making sure that the job is done right. Lori is also the co-owner of G & G. Along Lori is Rebecca who is learning how to run the office and has been in charge of public relations. 

     At G & G, they have all the tools that are needed to do the jobs that you need done. Not only do they have the typical mowers and trucks, but they also have tractors and bobcats for all lawn needs. When the summer is over however, the company puts the lawn care and tree service to the side and they bring out the big guns. During the winter, G & G does snow plowing. They have both residential and commercial contracts to keep them busy. When it snows, you can guarantee our business will be out plowing and salting until the job is done. Roy Justin has begun to learn how to operate the snow removal business; each time it snows, he puts on his uniform, jumps in the Bobcat, and plows away at a property that we take care of. 

     Most people's perception of a small family owned business, Like G & G, is that because they are not a well known businesses that they are not reliable and that they can't do the job as well as another, better known, company. With G & G, it is the exact opposite. They back up both the work they do for you and all of their workers. There are seldom any problems with the job, and if there are, you better believe that it will be taken care of with no problems.